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Hello friends, help, I created a symmetric matrix whose graph is 17 * 17, but in trying to apply

Hello, I need to know how to graph in Maple as follows:

the plane 2x + 3y - z = 5 and the cylinder x ^ 2 + 4y ^ 2 = 9 x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 = 1.

The idea is to plot everything in a single graph, as shown in the books of calculation.

I have tried in various ways, but I do not go away.

Friends sorry for the inconvenience ... it is this sheet:

Hello, in the attached graph I have scheduled some inequalities, but it shows error, you would know what is that?

Hello, anyone knows why the next page graphics not anything in the server, Maple works,

but seeing it from the link does not display anything,

what should be?


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