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The badges list makes for some interesting self-evaluation of my time, what I've posted, and how I've made my posts. But, I think the layout could be improved.

First, put the information in columns. The first column is the icon. Other column include my tally, the number needed to earn the badge, a description of the badge, AND an explicit indication of the badges that I've earned (or made progress towards).

It might also be nice to be able to sort this list in different ways. Alphabetically, according to whether I've earned the badge, progress towards new badges, most common badges within the community, ....

Lastly, the tab title "Badges" might be more informative if it were changed to "My Badges". It took me a little while to realize this list was reporting my tallies toward each badge. The columns will help, but this title change would make this even more clear.

Looking forward to seeing how the new MaplePrimes continues to evolve,

Recently I have had a chance to use the parameter feature of the numeric dsolve. It's pretty nice, but appears to have some limitations - or maybe I just need a little help to further refine my use of this feature.

Here's an example to demonstrate what I'm encountering.

Let's start with a simple IVP with a parameter in the ODE and in the IC:

ode := diff(x(t),t)=x(t)*(A-x(t)):
ic := x(0)=x0:
sol := dsolve( {ode,ic}, x(t), numeric, parameters=[A,x0] ):

To specify values of the parameters, I do something like:

For the past few weeks I have been unable to upload image files to MaplePrimes. Here's what happens.  I press the green up arrow and locate the file to be uploaded (typically a .GIF file). After I say OK and press the Upload button, the preview shows the last file I successfully uploaded.

Is this, by chance, a problem with my account - or my browser, or is it a MaplePrimes problem.

I don't know what additional information  you need. Please let me know and I'll do my best to comply.


Something's wrong with the file upload feature. Look at my list of files; it now shows at least three copies of the same file, two from this morning (and the original one from some days ago). The first copy is fine. The last two are supposed to be a different file (p1.gif). I can select this file through the file browser, but that file is not the one that is uploaded. All I get is another copy of the last file I uploaded.

This looks like it's a bug in the MaplePrimes system.

I think it's pretty safe to assume the key additions, improvements, and enhancements for Maple 14 are set. So, planning must be taking place for Maple 15 (and beyond).

Please use replies to this blog post for free-form wish list items for Maple 15. Anything you'd like to see, in any part of Maple, go for it.

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