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This blog entry marks two milestones:

Scheduling this visit was a challenge. Each semester I limit the number of classes that I miss for professional travel and I have numerous (and increasing) adminstrative responsibilities as the Undergraduate Director for the Department of Mathematics at The University of South Carolina (particularly during the summer months). These constraints, combined with the various travel schedules of Maplesoft's staff necessitated the deferral of this trip until November 2009. (The additional one month delay in preparing this is due to end-of-semester administrative responsibilities.) I wrote the original draft of this from various airports on my way to the 14th Asian Conference on Technology and Mathematics in Beijing, China and, now that Christmas is history, have some time to finish it.

I'll implement Jacques' suggestion that the discussion about parsers should be in a separate topic.

For the past few weeks I have not been receiving any of the auto-generated e-mails notifying me that someone has responded to a forum, blog, ... that I have contributed to. I checked my settings in MaplePrimes, and this feature is still active for my account. I've not found these messages in my junk folder.

Is it just me, or are others not receiving these e-mails as well?


The third edition of Getting Started with Maple was released by John Wiley & Sons in March 2009.

The author team for this edition is:

  • Douglas B. Meade (Univ of S. Carolina)
  • Mike May, S.J. (St. Louis Univ)
  • C-K. Cheung (Boston Univ)
  • G.E. Keogh (Boston Univ)

The 13-digit ISBN is 978-0-470-45554-8.

I just read Paul Weiss' post in which he describes his troubles uploading files to MaplePrimes.

Earlier yesterday (19 Nov 2008) I experienced a similar problem when I was trying to upload a GIF file to include with one of my posts.

In my case, after I selected the file I wanted to upload, I was showed an earlier file that I had uploaded to MaplePrimes. Based on what I see in Paul's earlier post it appears as though he was trying to upload two files and the second file was really just a duplicate of the first one.

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