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Simplification of trigonometric expressions is one area where computer algebra systems have yet to catch up with human experience. Experienced Maple users know that Maple prefers powers of cosine to powers of sine and powers of secant to powers of tangent. This is adequate for many situations. There are a variety of tools available within Maple that can be used to put expressions into another form. One example is convert( ..., sincos ). This conversion replace all trigonometric terms with an equivalent term involving only sine and cosine (and all hyperbolic terms with equivalent terms involving only sinh and cosh). Until now, there has been no analog for secant and tangent.
I'm not quite sure where this should go. I'll post it in MaplePrimes suggestions for now, and move it elsewhere (MapleNet, MapleTA, ...?) if others feel that would be advisable. I have uploaded a Maple 10 worksheet that implements the Hill Substitution Cypher for encoding messages. The worksheet uses embedded components to create what amounts to a Maple syntax-free interface. Here are two views of the worksheet. First, the worksheet on MapleNET. And, second, to download
It would be very nice if Maple could handle true infinite sequences. In addition to basic operations performed elementwise between two (or more) sequences, it should be possible to: - plot a sequence - determine if the sequence converges Note that the seq command (and the list datatype) can be used only for FINITE sequences. Also, the current limit command assumes the independent variable is continuous - not discrete. Here's a simple example of what I would like to be able to do: > S := Seq( sin(n*Pi), n=1..infinity ); > plot( S, view=[1..100,DEFAULT] ); > L := Limit( S, n, type='Sequence' );
Maplets for Calculus is a collection of maplets designed to help students practice their calculus problem-solving skills and to assist instructors in providing effective classroom demonstrations (including 2- and 3-D visualization -- even animation). The maplets cover all major topics in single-variable calculus - limits, derivatives, integrals, differential equations, sequences, series, and polar coordinates. Some of the maplets help to build intuition and some provide practice with routine computational techniques. An individual license for Maplets for Calculus is available through the MapleConnect program at . Lab/Classroom bundles and site licenses are also available. The complete list of maplets and sample videos may be seen at .
Most experienced Maple users have encountered situations where the "do" and "end" statements are not in the same execution group. For example:
> for n from 1 to 10 do
>   n, n^2, 1/n;
Warning, premature end of input, use <Shift> + <Enter> to avoid this message.
> end do;       # in a separate execution group
Error, reserved word `end` unexpected
I have no objection to the issuing of a warning message when the "do" is executed without a matching "end". My request is that the unmatched "end" (particularly when it appears as the initial (non-empty) string in an execution group) should receive a warning instead of an error.
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