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A colleague has been frustrated by the apparent limitations to Maple's abilities to "solve" inequalities. This does appear to be something that should - and could - be improved with a little effort. The typical problem under consideration is the epsilon-delta definition of limit. Ideally, it would be nice to execute a command such as
> solve( abs( f-L ) < epsilon, x );
and receive an answer in terms of intervals.
I just tried to download a copy of a worksheet from a MaplePrimes posting. The file has a .mw extension and does contain a Maple worksheet. However, when I clicked on "download the worksheet" (or words to that effect) I saw the raw worksheet file displayed in my browser - I would prefer to have the worksheet open in Maple (or allow me to save it to my local disk). The HTML code that provided the link to the worksheet was created automatically by the "convert worksheet" utility available within MaplePrimes ( My conjecture is that the MaplePrimes server is not sending out .mw files with a MIME type that allows my browser to recognize it as a Maple worksheet. I believe the correct MIME type is application/maple.
It is nice to receive an e-mail message telling me when there is a posting in a thread that I am following in MaplePrimes. When I click on the link in the e-mail, I am taken to a page that reports "Access Denied" (when I am not logged onto MaplePrimes). I do not know what happen if am logged in. There is no indication that the problem is that I am not logged in. I would find it much more informative (and friendly) if the response from the MaplePrimes site was to ask me to log in (showing the login window by default). Assuming successful authentication, I should then be taken to the page with the message.
As I have used MathML to prepare typeset mathematics in maplets, I noticed that there can be some confusion when there is no explicit multiplication operator. The problem appears to be most severe when two numeric quantities appear next to one another, e.g.,
> t := sin( 5*10^x );
I use the following maplet to see how this looks in MathML:
> with(Maplets[Elements]):
> maplet := Maplet([
>    [MathMLViewer('value' = MathML[Export](t))],
>    [Button("OK", Shutdown())]
> ]):
> Maplets[Display](maplet);
I note that the spacing appears to be a little better in Maple 10 than in Maple 9.5. But I would still prefer a centered dot (\cdot in LaTeX) or an x (\times). Note that I am not asking for a multiplication symbol to appear for all products, just ones where it can be difficult to determine the actual terms of the product.
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