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I was working with a Dataframe when I wanted to change the datatype of multiple columns at the same time as this is quite a large dataframe. I found in the helpfile that I can change datatype by the following command: 

SubsDatatype(Data, plts, float) which then change the datatype of "plts" into float. I had hoped that using multiple columns in the command would work in this way: SubsDatatype(Data, [plts, act], float)  but apparently not. Is there a way to do this or do I have to do it column by column?

Additionally I have another question about dataframes. I would like to replace "0" in the dataframe by a "blank" as you can do in excel. How do you do this in a dataframe?

Thanks in advance for any help given!

Probably I am missing the obvious. In the attached worksheet the for statement gives me all results as desired but if I try to put this in a procedure I only get the last value. Could someone help me out. Thank you  ProcQuestion.mw

I am stuck this command works seemlessly in Maple:

ThermophysicalData:-CoolProp:-Property(D, T = 20*Unit('degC'), P = 760*Unit('mmHg'), water)

but it does not work in Maple Flow. Does anyone knows why? Thank you so much for your help in the matter.

This is perhaps a stupid question. It is quite easy to add a vector with minutes to 60 minutes. However, when I try to do this stating 1 hour instead of 60 minutes it does no longer do the calculation. Why is this? Thank you for any explanation.


Dear Power Users, I am trying to master Maple coming from another software. I encounter a problem in finding a simple way to find the best parameters for a fitting function. Would someone be so kind to help me out? Thank you in advance for your willingness to help.


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