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@mmcdara thank you so much!

@mmcdara in the previous example the statement M[1]-M[i-1] was used, but if I want to make an alternative approach M[i]-M[i-1] this gives the message "invalid subscript selector" How should I adapt the procedure in order to make this work.

The results in that case would be [-2.787,-8.341,-13.829]

I apologize for these probably simple questions but the approach is somewhat different to Mathcad which I used before. Anyway, thank you for your help.

@mmcdara thank you for your prompt reply and clear explanation. I appreciate all your help in this forum.

@Thomas Richard thank you so much for your swift reply. Your solution works fine. Have a nice weekend.

@acer thank you for this additional approach. I am always amazed about what is possible.

@Christopher2222 thank you for this suggestion. This certainly would help. When looking at Maple Flow it actually converts immediately to the lowest dimension, e.g. 'm' and 'cm' would give a result in 'cm' which you can adapt as desired. 

@mmcdara thank you for your reply and of course you are right, but I believe it would be much faster if Maple would choose a unit let us say minutes and then by just right-clicking changing the unit in the one you want. 

@Preben Alsholm thank you for your prompt reply and solution. Is this always necessary? Why does maple not do the conversion by itself?

@acer thank you so much for the clear and straightforward example. I really appreciate your time and help.

@rlopez thank you for the link, I certainly will study its contents.

@Carl Love and all other repliers, thank you for so much good information! You are all excellent teachers.

@Carl Love thank you for your time and effort. Your solution is straightforward, but unfortunately does not seem to work in 2-D math. I remember that you favor 1-D but for an apprentice as myself 2-D seems a bit easier.

@jganding thank you for helping me out. This is a quite interesting set of utilities. I appreciate your willingness to share them.

@dharr thank you for your time and willingness to help. It is surprising in how many ways Maple can be of help.

@mmcdara thank you for your help. So, if I understand well, the best solution is to go via a procedure as you demonstrated. There is no predefined function. 

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