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@Carl Love and all other repliers, thank you for so much good information! You are all excellent teachers.

@Carl Love thank you for your time and effort. Your solution is straightforward, but unfortunately does not seem to work in 2-D math. I remember that you favor 1-D but for an apprentice as myself 2-D seems a bit easier.

@jganding thank you for helping me out. This is a quite interesting set of utilities. I appreciate your willingness to share them.

@dharr thank you for your time and willingness to help. It is surprising in how many ways Maple can be of help.

@mmcdara thank you for your help. So, if I understand well, the best solution is to go via a procedure as you demonstrated. There is no predefined function. 

@mmcdara thank you so much. This is much more than expected, and I consider it a nice Xmas present. It is quite obvious I still have to learn a lot. Thank you for your willingness to help so many in Mapleprimes. Happy New year!


@Carl Love thank you for your technique, it is simple and efficient

@acer thank you for this clarification, it is a simple and efficient way of doing.

@Thomas Richard thank you for the additional information. I did look up that page but there it states that plot can be used with useunits, from there my confusion. Thanks again for the help

@Thomas Richard thank you for your swift response, it was highly appreciated and worked like a charm. What is the reason that it didn't work with "plot" are there more plot commands that cannot be used with units? 

@mmcdara Sorry to bother you again but have you been able to find some time to look at your worksheet? I hope you enjoy Maple 2022

@mmcdara different version is probably the cause as I am using 2023. I almost don't dare asking but would be willing to give it a second look after you have access to 2022? Best personal regards and thank for all help, you were a beaken in the dark see.

@mmcdara After taking another look I find following parameters:

C__0:= 10 mg

Q:=0.8 mL/min

V__r:= 24 mL

R:= 289.1 micron

rho:= 1.02 g/cm^3

m__b:= 10 g

@mmcdara Thank you for your swift response. When running your code I noticed several error messages. As you did not have them is have attached them as pictures so you can see which errors I got:

The data was fit to the model by integrating equation 20 of the paper.

The constants are difficult to find in the article as they are not in one location, but I believe they are correct. In the mean time I calculated Gamma_i for IL6 and that one seems to be very close to the value of the paper. I agree with your comment on s versus minutes which is the reason why I would like to incorporate units in the model.

Thank you once again for your precious help!

@mmcdara First, thank you for the additional time to optimize my original attempt. Your background is certainly much better than mine! I started the project when reading the attached "simple model". I digitized the data for TNF (those that I provided in the Maple worksheet) in order to achieve the gamma_i for TNF given in Table 1. My result is far away from the value given by the authors and if I plot their value the plot result is worse than the value I obtain. So I try to understand whether I made a mistake in interpreting the technique used by the authors or that the value given in the article is incorrect. 

If you were willing and of course have some time, could you verify whether I made the wrong interpretation or that the published value is wrong?


Additionally, I was wondering whether I could use units instead of correcting them as done now.

PS I tried to attach the pdf and the zipped pdf but I am not sure they are attached.

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