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I'm having problems plotting the derivative of a function after I've solved the ODE in an ODE system. Any help appreciated! The MAPLE help for plots,odeplot says: "Multiple curves can be plotted by specifying a nested list format. For example, [[x,y(x)],[x,diff(y(x),x)]] displays the dependent variable and its derivative as a function of x on the same plot." So, here's my problem. I define mtest with my two ODE's and two initial values, and solve it numerically over my specified range. This works great. mtest := [diff(m(t), t) = -43/25*exp(-8527.784461/(pt(t)+273.15)+19.03523317)*(m(t)-exp(-23300/(8.314*pt(t)+2270.96910)+2.646139043)), diff(pt(t), t) = 240, m(0) = 1, pt(0) = 105];
Greetings! Newbie to the forum... I have created and solved a set of 2 PDE's, and I am trying to plot the results. I am capable of seeing the results of the second PDE by using the default command below. Is there a way to specifically pick which PDE to plot (I'm sure there is, but I can't seem to figure it out). pds := pdsolve(PDEset, PDEIC, numeric, time = t, range = 0 .. 30); pds:-plot3d(t = 0 .. 5, x = 0 .. 30, axes = boxed); Any help appreciated! Fred
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