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Thanks for your quick reply...I checked out the workbook and that is not what I want to do..

Thanks again for your help!




Thanks for taking the time to answer my question...I am not sure what you mena by common kernal....if that means using the

same maple.exe file??...I have one for AEM, etc

But I might open a calculus study guide and then do some of the exercises and I save these together for future use..I always make a copy of the maple worksheets I download so as not to overwrite something..

So I have attacheda screenshot with three tabs open so I can easily cut and paste between them...I frequently use other 

study guides, etc , physics and then use my other worksheets to help me with maple and math issues..I do uderstand when I do mutiple problems and solutions I migh have 6-8 worksheets open as an example that help me understand

the issues...the solution to prob 2 might help me with prob 8, etcc

So I am not sure what you mean by Maple archive (I think of archive as a backup of the software)...

Thanks Again


@acer 22441

Thanks you so much for taking so much of your time to help me with this...I think I got it..your explanations really

helped...I have only been a Maple user since June 7 of this year so there are so many things for me to learn..

I want to thank you personally for sticking with me on this is people like you make me glad I choose


Again..I appreciate your help!


@acer 22441

I see where you put the code in.....I made a copy of

I am not sure what I am missing but I do not see the "value a" change to match the slider unless I rexecute the code which I have to do manually.....I want "a" to change whenever the slider is moved without have to reexecute the code..

I see it change in the box under the slider......I am confused....I recopied your mw and "a" never changes unless  I manually reexecute

"The value assigned to `a` does also change when you move the slider. That's one of the two things that my example does.

If you re-execute the line that (previously) printed a prior value of `a` then it should reflect that last attained position of the slider -- when it subsequently prints the current value.

But the previously printed output of that same input line is static output, in the sense that it won't change unless you also re-execute that separate input line (or delete the output)"....

I do appreciate your help  ...I am just not understanding what is going on..what do I need to do to make it work without rexecuting the code to get it updated...I am sorry I am "confused" about this..





I must be doing something wrong...when I change the slider, I see the "value of slider over Pi " changed which is the next line after the slider

but the value of "a" remains unchanged..I hit reexecute on the whole mw...

What am I doing wrong...any suggestions

Thanks again for your help



Thank you so much for helpiing so quickly..I am not sure I uderstand your comments...but I will continue to work on learning more about Maple programing....I have been retired for 14 years...but I did some programing as part of myjob ...some proprietary systems ..but also early versions of Visual Basic......

Again I so appreciate your taking time to help me with this issue




Thank you so much for your help!!! worked..I have been really trying to pay attention

to syntax and case....but still miss a lot

Again I appreciate your help!



Thanks so much for answering my question..I will try it in the future..Since I am brand new to Maple I decided I should watch Dr. Lopez Linear algebra "clickable calculus" video first before vector calculus...I am in th process of doing this .it is great!!!...I have a lot to learn about Maple and even more to learn about "my math skills"....

I appreciate your taking time to help me!

Thanks Again.


Sorry.....I could not get the contents loaded...I tried several times

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .




Thanks for your trying


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