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These are questions asked by GPY

I've got two matrices A and B that I've verified are similar using IsSimilar()

The description of the function says the third argument 'P' stores the transformation matrix. Does this P have to be initialized and if so, then how can it be done?

Can the spacing between gridlines on a plot be modified? i.e., can I have more lines?

I've got the following 

tubeplot([cos(t),sin(t),t], t=0..6*Pi, radius=1/3,
style=patchnogrid, shading=Z, axes=box, orientation=[40,70]);

which gives the plot of a spiral and need to make an animation of a rotating spiral.

I've tried 

animate([cos(t),sin(t),t], t=0..6*Pi,numpoints=200,frames=20,shading=Z,axes=box) but that doesn't work. What am I doing incorrectly?



The regular plot3d command takes in the range of x and y but if I have been asked to "choose a range of z to get a nice picture" what command can I use apart from implicitplot3d, which in this case doesn't seem appropriate?

I've got the following code:

a:=seq(combinat[fibonacci](k), k=2..10);
for i from 1 to 5 do
end do;


that plots the sine functions of consecutive fibonacci numbers pairwise. Now, if I had to use the display command to plot these pairs together, how would I be able to do so?


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