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Update:This bug ONLY occurs when the file title containing Chinese Characters.


The .mw files have already been associated with Maple 2020, but when clicking on any of them, Maple 2020 won't launch as expected and nothing actually will happen.
I have tried to reinstall Maple 2020, but the problem just keep existing.

The Windows version where the bug occurs is Windows 10 version 1909.

The function evalf(  ) will encounter a critical bug when doing the following evaluation:

P1 := 1007;
P2 := 1014;
P3 := 1014.1;
evalf(P2 - P1, 2);
evalf(P3 - P1, 2);

The first evalf( ) returns a correct value, while the second one returns a wrong value.
This is really unbelievable!


I have a rather long Maple code and want it to be executed multiple times with a parameter changed each time.

Surely this can be done with the loop structure, but it seems the whole loop structure must be contained into one single execution group, which makes it to be a little inconvenient, since the code is too long.


So is there any alternative way to realize this utility?


Best regard and thanks!

With Maple 2017,when the following codes are being executed in the document mode, the error information

"Error, attempting to assign to `RealDomain:-`^`` which is protected"

will be displayed and echoed for several times, which won't appear in the previous versions of Maple.








a := 1:

Seq(1/a, i = 1 .. 2)





Is this a new bug in Maple 2017?

When executing the following orders,



convert(a, symbol);


the result is .6e-2.


How to make Maple return the form 0.006, just as the original?

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