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PiFast43 is freely available at,




What’s the simplest way to solve an algebraic equation in the complex domain?


For example,


I*(a+3*b)+2*b+5*a = 3+2*I


where a and b are real numbers.





How can I know the solution is correct??


Here is the code:

s := solve(sin(x^2) = 1/2);
test := subs(x = s[1], sin(x^2) = 1/2);



 “Error, too many levels of recursion” ,but there’s just a single expression.



How can this happen?

The help documents read,

 The function unames returns an expression sequence consisting of all the active names in the current Maple session which are ``unassigned names''.


But what unames() returns is obviously not the contents one expects:


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