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 Dear Preben Alsholm 

I have seen your solution to my program. Many thanks to your help. I have used what you gave me. However, it cant work for u[2]=0, when i use 

p1:=dsolve({sys}, numeric, abserr = 0.1e-4,continuation=cont,maxmesh=2048);

Kindly see and give me a solution. 



 Dear @tomleslie 

I have seen it.Now it is fine. Many thank !!


My code is saying this massage.

Warning, The use of global variables in numerical ODE problems is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. Use the 'parameters' argument instead (see ?dsolve,numeric,parameters).

May I get your help?

this is the code mmmm.mw


Thank you Mr. Georgios.

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