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Dear Maple experts,

I would like to generate population data that is the best possible approximation of a multivariate normal distribution with a specified covariance matrix and vector of means. I do not want to draw a sample from a multivariate distribution, but I want the population values itself which are approximately multivariate normal distributed. The size of the datamatrix should be limited, otherwise I could draw a huge sample from a multivariate normal distribution. For instance, I would like to generate a 200 by 6 data matrix that is the best (or at least good enough) approximation of a MVN distribution. For a bivariate normal distribution one could calculate the probalities of a grid by integrating the density, but for six variables that seems undoable. 

Before trying the invent the wheel again, I think I will ask this question to experts, because it is unlikely that there is no already existing algorithm that does the job pretty well.

Thanks in advance,

Harry Garst

I am experimenting with the new AS3 flash questions and everything works as expected except that I cannot load external swf files using a xml file. I have a parent swf file that behaves well, except that this parent swf cannot load the external swf files. It works flawlessly on my own website (which even does not have a cross-domain.xml file in the root directory).

Is there a restriction in Maple T.A. that prevents loading xml files by a swf (and/or loading external swf's in general)?

I would like to experiment with the Mastery Dialog option e.g. making a tutorial. Does anyone tried this in practice? And can I download a question bank that uses this option?


kind regards,

Harry Garst

How do I generate data from a multivariate normal distribution with a specific covariance matrix  and mean vector?

I am using Maple 12 and do not have additional toolboxes/libraries.


kind regards,

Harry Garst

In our assignments students may may make the questions and grade four times (the number of attempts is set to 4). Unfortunately the review feedback button has disappeared, so that students are not able to know which questions were still incorrect.

The policy is exactly the same as in previous assignments and in those the review feedback button always appeared.

Does any one know what is wrong, and more importantly how can I correct this problem?

kind regards,

Harry Garst (troubled instructor)


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