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Did someone already try to integrate Adobe Flash into Maple T.A. ?

see http://www.maplesoft.com/tacontent/view.aspx?SID=5633

However, Maple's support is rather limited (only a Word doc, neither a fla/swf file nor a questionbank is provided).

It would be nice to share our work (uploading fla's and questionbank integrating Flash and Maple T.A.)

I believe there is a whole range of nice possibilties using Flash.


kind regards,

Harry Garst

How do I make  animations of an ellipse? E.g. stretching, rotating, translating in both the x an y direction? I thought it was easy task, but after several hours I still have no solution.


kind regards,

Harry Garst


I incidently put in an incorrect item response. The deadline has been passed and now I would like to correct the students scores. Is there a way to redo the evaluation of an existing data-base in Maple TA 2.5? Harry Garst
Is there a way to export the item responses to a tab-delimited file in Maple TA 2.5? I would like to analyse the item responses and so far there seems no possibility to transfer the item responses. Only grades can be exported. I hope I am wrong, because it is difficult to understand what the reason is to prevent exporting the responses? Harry Garst
Is there a way to evaluate the format of the responses and prevent the grading? In particular I want to provide feedback to students who used a comma instead of a dot in a numerical response. At this moment Maple TA cannot deal with a correct response except for the incorrect format (0,93 instead of 0.93) and evaluates the response as incorrect. There must be a way to prevent students to grade as long as there are comma´s at places where there should be dots. Harry Garst
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