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Is there a 'search and replace' method to replace all comma´s by dots (as a decimal seperator). For example 0,78 into 0.78. At this moment several students responses were graded as incorrect while the only error they made was to provide a response using a comma instead of a dot. I can export the data file and use another program to score the responses, but there may be a much more efficient method to modify the responses. Harry Garst
A few years ago I visited a very nice educational site demonstrating Maple animations. Too bad I did not save the URL. Now I cannot find it anymore. Googling did not help. Any suggestions? Or other interesting Maple sites that Google can not find? Harry Garst
It appears that Maple uses N as the denominator and not N-1 in calculating a covariance matrix in the Statistics package. Why? Harry Garst
I am working on a Maximum Likelihood problem and would like to know whether the LinearAlgebra package can be helpful. Up to now I have been using Maple only to check my work. However, someone pointed out that Maple's capabilities reach much further: it also can determine whether the system of equations is consistent and, if so, Maple can solve the equations. Unfortunately, I am only trained as a psychologist and I am still at the beginning of learning Maple's capabilities. Here are the three equations: f = (Y'b - 1t'b)(b'b)^-1 equation#1
In linear algebra multiplication of a scalar and a matrix can change order: aM=Ma, where a is a scalar and M is a r by c matrix. In case of four matrices K,L,M,N the product KLMN is the same as LMNK if the product LMN is a scalar. However, Maple does not allow the forementioned change of order, because the program only checks whether adjacent matrices are conformable. How can this change of order be done in Maple? The issue is that I want to check my work using Maple. TIA Harry ps. is there a brief notation in Maple for scalar by matrix multiplication?
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