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Is there a way to export the item responses to a tab-delimited file in Maple TA 2.5? I would like to analyse the item responses and so far there seems no possibility to transfer the item responses. Only grades can be exported. I hope I am wrong, because it is difficult to understand what the reason is to prevent exporting the responses? Harry Garst
Is there a way to evaluate the format of the responses and prevent the grading? In particular I want to provide feedback to students who used a comma instead of a dot in a numerical response. At this moment Maple TA cannot deal with a correct response except for the incorrect format (0,93 instead of 0.93) and evaluates the response as incorrect. There must be a way to prevent students to grade as long as there are comma´s at places where there should be dots. Harry Garst
Is there a 'search and replace' method to replace all comma´s by dots (as a decimal seperator). For example 0,78 into 0.78. At this moment several students responses were graded as incorrect while the only error they made was to provide a response using a comma instead of a dot. I can export the data file and use another program to score the responses, but there may be a much more efficient method to modify the responses. Harry Garst
A few years ago I visited a very nice educational site demonstrating Maple animations. Too bad I did not save the URL. Now I cannot find it anymore. Googling did not help. Any suggestions? Or other interesting Maple sites that Google can not find? Harry Garst
It appears that Maple uses N as the denominator and not N-1 in calculating a covariance matrix in the Statistics package. Why? Harry Garst
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