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I have a function that I want to plot from x=0..5 , when I ask it to plot over this range it will not plot from x=0..1 it will just go from x=1..5. However, If I ask it to plot from x=0..1 it will plot that... so then I have to splice the images together in display. 

Has anyone seen this problem? Is it something easy and stupid that I am missing? 

Function of interest attached in file.

I was unsure if this should be a post or a question, or how to word it properly as I feel the attached file is the best way to see my issue. 

 However, when doing a computation involing the D_ specifically D_[mu](F[~mu,~nu]) where is a tensor, Maple is putting in strange "variables" into the output of my expression. I set the spacetime variables myself to tau,x,y,z and in the output there is combinations which appear as x(tau),y(tau) which has completely baffled me. 

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: The problem is resolved when the Physics[Vectors] package is removed and replaced by VectorCalculus for the Lapacian. Still curious as why the Physics[Vectors] package causes this issue. (I of course could just brute force the Laplacian but I thought I would use the power of Maple for this).

I would like to collect in derivatives of a function(s) in a worksheet where I have the Physics package loaded but It does not want to do it. When I bring the expression to a blank worksheet it does everything just fine. Am I missing something small? Or is there additional commands/options I need to input? 


I am trying to define a Tensor expression in the physics package but it seems to be taking eons to do so, it has been running for quite some time but still no result to the point where I halt the computation. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could accelerate the process? 

I have attached the file I am working with.

I am trying to create a loop in the Physics package where I am interested in looking at the components of a tensor with one index up and one down. However, when I run the loop it returns the expression with both indices down in my attempts to solve the issue.

I have been fighting with it for an hour now and cant seem to find a fix. Any help will be appreciated, I have attached the file I am working with. 

Thanks in advance.

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