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Introduction to this blog

From time to time, I find some problem with Maple. It is not always Maple's bug, sometimes it is just my mistake.

I am used to use "Submit Software Change Request " form, but I dont know how to trace my requests (and I even dont exactly remember which bugs I posted). Thus, I decided to publish my troubles in this blog.

Unless stated otherwise, all the troubles I specify bellow are obtained on the Mac OS X 10.5 PPC platform using Maple 14.01 ...

Sometimes I have to write a Maple code compatible to several versions of Maple (typically 9.5 and 10 but sometimes also 11 or VR4) and I am missing a information in Maple help pages - a changelog or, more specifically, a version information. At least, for every particular fuction or package, I am missing the information since which version of Maple it exists (eventually since which version it is obsolete).
I do not understand why

f1 := proc(m, S::set) map(s->`if`(s={1},{m}, s),S); end:

f1(X, {{1}, {2}}); differs from inlined version of the same

f2 := proc(m, S::set) option inline; map(s->`if`(s={1},{m}, s),S); end:

f2(X, {{1}, {2}}); The first non-inlined version f1 is be my opinion correct, but what about the inlined f2?

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