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Hi, is there a way how to install and use Bark in Maple 2015/2016? Thanks

I am not pretty sure what you asking for, but for linearizatin of pdr you may use our package jets. See the attached worksheet Lin.zip


I have some more examples if anybody interested.

Can you give an example?

Just for a curiosity, can you try to run the command line version of maple with the -M option (ie., in Terminal, enter something like /Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/12/bin/maple -M) and then check whether kernelopts(multithreaded); is returning true?
Is kernelopts(multithreaded); returning true?
Do you have set Enable SMP support in Preferences/General, and have you applyed it globally and restarted Maple?
Yes, this give me the possibility to find the information I need, but in a very tough way. For example, assume I need to write a code backward compatible to Maple 9.5. imagine and I am facing Maple 11. I am trying to write a code using the function Groebner[Basis]: I do not know since which version of Maple it is supported. The first possiblity is searching a long list of updates, possibly help pages on Groebner package. What I want to see on Groebner[Basis] help page is a very simple information like Version information: Supported since 10.0 so I know I have a problem in Maple 9.5. Of course there could be contained also some additional info (the link to Maple 9 superseded Groebner[gbasis]) Superseder of: Groebner[gbasis] so I can just click and see for the syntax (and compatibility info) of the seperseded function.
On Mac OS X 10.4.11, 1.6 GHz PPC G5 Maple V R 4, grobner[gsolve] : all examples done in 0 s except Gerdt (1 s) Maple 11, Groebner[Solve]: 1.2s, 0.3 s, 3.5 s, 1.4 s
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