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From a Maple perspective: I first started using it in 1985 (it was Maple 4.0, but I still have a Maple 3.3 manual!). Worked as a Maple tutor in 1987. Joined the company in 1991 as the sole GUI developer and wrote the first Windows version of Maple (for Windows 3.0). Founded the Math group in 1992. Worked remotely from France (still in Math, hosted by the ALGO project) from fall 1993 to summer 1996 where I did my PhD in complex dynamics in Orsay. Soon after I returned to Ontario, I became the Manager of the Math Group, which I grew from 2 people to 12 in 2.5 years. Got "promoted" into project management (for Maple 6, the last of the releases which allowed a lot of backward incompatibilities, aka the last time that design mistakes from the past were allowed to be fixed), and then moved on to an ill-fated web project (it was 1999 after all). After that, worked on coordinating the output from the (many!) research labs Maplesoft then worked with, as well as some Maple design and coding (inert form, the box model for Maplets, some aspects of MathML, context menus, a prototype compiler, and more), as well as some of the initial work on MapleNet. In 2002, an opportunity came up for a faculty position, which I took. After many years of being confronted with Maple weaknesses, I got a number of ideas of how I would go about 'doing better' -- but these ideas required a radical change of architecture, which I could not do within Maplesoft. I have been working on producing a 'better' system ever since.

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Recently posted onto Wolfram's Blog is a set of 10 tips for how to write fast Mathematica code.  It is a very amusing read -- go read it now, because below I am going to make some comments on it, assuming that you have read it.


  1. Use floating-point numbers if you can, and use them early.
    Basically: if you're using Mathematica as a...

If you want to know what ::uneval does (it's an advanced option for procedure parameters), you can look at the uneval section of ?parameter_modifiers.  It is useful when you want to write a function which works on raw user input rather than on evaluated input.  This is quite tricky, and fraught with danger, and should only be used as a last resort;  but sometimes it really is rather handy.

This is a follow-up to a rather old posting about maple.vim.  There is now a maplevim project on google code to helpfully get the community to work on upgrading maple.vim a bit more frequently. 

Right now there is a shipping version of maple.vim checked-in, as well as a set of 'pieces' (in the pieces sub-directory...

Here is a challenge: reproduce this Mathematica notebook in Maple - without cheating, naturally.

I think I'm jealous.  But I'd love to be shown wrong and have someone do up a Maple 14 document which does everything that that notebook does, only better.

Users with high enough reputation on MathOverflow get increasing amounts of power on the site.  Generally, it works rather well. 

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