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@mmcdara  i still have the same problem with the same Error Message. i work with Maple 2022 ( mac version) . Thanks

@mmcdara   Thanks for the idea, but when I run the code, an error message appears :

@acer @Carl Love

Thank you for your feedback. I see that the problem is profound. My approach was educational for my students. I therefore prefer not to develop this solution for them.

@acer Perfect ..Thanks !

@Kitonum  thanks !

@Carl Love Thanks

@mmcdara Thank you very much for these two leads. The illustration of my idea takes shape ;)

@mmcdara  Thanks !

@Kitonum  thanks

@acer For your information, another way to resolve my question

@acer  Thank you for your suggestion. I simply want to arrive at the animations without passing by the procedures. The idea is to use the commands of Package Statistics.

@acer thanks

@dharr  @mmcdara  thank you for your suggestions. I have combined your two ideas in this file


@sand15 Thank you for your answer.
I am looking for a simpler solution (without getting into the probabilities), something like this

@mmcdara  thanks !

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