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How  to get step by step solutions in dsolve? 

How to solve this DE by using  Differential transformation method?

diff(f(x),x$3)+1/2 * f(x) *diff(f(x),x$2)=0;

with boundary conditions

  f(0)=1 ; f '(0)= lamda * f ''(0)   and   f ' (x) -> 1  as x -> infinity
where lamda is some constant...

How to solve this DE with IC by using DTM.
D^m u(x,t)=u''(x,t)-u^2 (x,t), where n-1< m < n 

IC: u(x,0)=1+sin(x), and u'(x,0)=0

I have functions with sin(x) and  cos(x) terms with x values are degrees.

How to calculate sin(30 degree)?

How to insert degree symbol in maple?

Suppose evaluate  sin(Pi/2), my out put becomes sin(Pi/2)...How to solve this problem?


How to plot f(x) with B and C are animation variables wih range -5 to 5?

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