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Hello everyone,

Has someone encountered this error while tempting

to install the Physics Package in Maple2023.

It is NOT Edgardo's fault but comes from Maple itself!

The same problem occured in Maple 2021 and it took...9 months

to be settled.

I already posted here around one month ago.

I also sent a mail to @Support twice.

Here is the attached file (in French but nobody will miss the point)

Kind regards to all,


Edit :Here's a Copy/Paste of the error (since I do not see my screenshot)

Récupération du package de l’infonuage...
ID: Physics Updates
Version: 5137472255164416
URL: 1460

La taille du fichier est 10326016 octets(9 MB).

Installation du package...
PackageTools:-Install("C:/Users/jm/AppData/Local/Temp/cloudDownload16751660190612963792/Physics Updates_1686091821883.maple",overwrite=true,pkgname="Physics Updates");

2, "failed to resolve filename C:\Maths\Maple2023\toolbox\2023"
ERREUR: Le package n’a pas pu être installé.
error PackageTools:-Install, "permission denied"

Thanks for your time.

Hello Edgardo and everyone,

I have a big problem.

I just reinstall from scratch Maple 2022.2 (i Don't have 2023)

and try to install The Physics Package, it failed.

Where can I get the latest Physics Package for 2022.2 ?

I need it.

 Egdardo I think you are too "fast" to users who have not yet  upgrade to the

latest version.

Take care and thank you for this Package.

Kind regards,


Hello all,

I would like to contacted (you can easiky have my mail) by the Makers of Maple Learn

about their philosophy of doing Mathematics.

I-d like to talk to them (possibly in French) .

Kind regards to all,



First sorry I didn't "invent" this series.It comes from another newsgroup which I will not tell.

It is irrelevant.

My question is twofold :

How to prove it with pen and paper that it diverges

How to prove it with Maple.

Maple seems very...quiet with this series.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards to all


Hello all,

Is there a special e-mail address for MaplePrimes' support or is it just

Thank you very much

All the best

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