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Why is the max height always 0 in this code? Thanks.



>a := proc (t) options operator, arrow; (-1)*.12*t^4+12*t^3-380*t^2+4100*t+220 end proc

printf("%10.10s    %15.15s\n", "Time (hrs)", "Height (meters)");

printf("%10.10s    %15.15s\n", "----------", "---------------");

amax := 0; tmax := 0;

for t to 4 do

alt := a(t);

printf("%6d        %10.0f\n", t, alt...

Hi, my professor wants our graphs to be labeled (which is reasonable). How can I label the graph I made this way:


>inequal({x[1] >= 0, x[2] >= 0, x[1]-3*x[2] >= -3, 2*x[1]+3*x[2] <= 6}, x[1] = 0 .. 3.5, x[2] = 0 .. 2.5)


A tool tip came up which says I can see the operations performed step-by-step. Can someone tell me where that feature is (what it's called)?

I have:




I want to see step-by-step how Maple got to that answer. Thanks.

Hi. Why can't I print landscape from Maple?

I am trying to print my homework, which has some wide tables. The printer I'm sending to has landscape mode, and documents from other programs print landscape. But when I print from Maple, and select landscape, it comes out in portrait.

I am printing from Maple 13. The worksheet was created in Maple 14. I can print to PDF from Maple 14, but that comes out portrait also.

Thanks in advance.


Hello. I am trying to do a project for school. But the following code is causing Windows 7(x64) to error. First, I get a message from mserver.exe saying: mserver has stopped working.

I click "Close the program" and I get "Kernel connection has been lost."

This is happening whenever I run the for loop in the attached code. I must get this fixed, people are counting on my code, but I do not know how to fix Maple. I am using Maple 14, build 479326 in Worksheet mode.

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