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Hi. I'm new to Maple. I like the idea, but am rally confused by the interface. Can someone answer a few questions please?

How come this works, but displays wrong (the quotes display):

printf("%5a  %12a  %12a   %12a  %12a  %12a  %12a\\n", "-", "--", "--", "--", "--", "--", "--");


But this doesn't work (replaced quotes with apostrophe):

printf("%5a  %12a...

Is it possible to assign certain properties to certain variables in Maple, and have them obey those properties?

In other words, I want to work in complex numbers. I want z to be complex and to obey the rules of complex numbers. How can I declare z element of Complex and then Maple won't do complex illegal operations (or it will do them correctly). Sort of like "I" works according to the rules of sqrt(-1). Except that I is built in.

Another example would be to...

How can I plot this piecewise function:


for j from n-1 by -1 to 0 do

... does some processing that's not really relevant to the question:

s[j] := evalf(a[j]+b[j]*(t-x[j])+c[j]*(t-x[j])^2+d[j]*(t-x[j])^3)

end do;


S := t-> piecewise(

x[0] <= t and t <= x[1], s[0],

x[1] <= t and t <= x[2], s[1],

x[2] <= t and t <= x[3], s[2]);


My friends all...

Hi, I am a student (with some programming background) in desperate need of help.

How can I create a zero based array in Maple and display it?

I am having all kinds of trouble creating vectors and arrays in Maple (the help is cryptic). This is the closest I got:

>F := Array(0 .. 4, 0 .. 4, [0])


That creates a 5x5 array of zeros, with the upper left element indexed by (0,0) (right?).

How do I display the array?


I am a student brand new to Maple.

How can I add a newline in a Maple Input block in Document mode?

Whenever I hit Enter, the code I've typed up to that point - which may be incomplete - is executed. Or, I may need to add a line to some code given to me, but pressing ENTER tries to execute it. (And where in the help system could I find something like that? I looked, but couldn't find it).


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