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When I select "oldest first", the first post shown is the newest.  Vice-versa when selecting "newest first".  Am I misunderstanding the meaning of the term?  I suppose it doesn't matter as both options are available but it's weird.

There was a spam button that allowed a user with enough points to delete spam. It appears to have gone away, now we can just flag stuff as spam.

Is there a way to see just the titles of, say, the last 100 questions?  Looking into recent questions I see the full post, so that requires moving up and down multiple pages. Really painful.

The code I write is properly indented.  The operation of pasting it here strips the white space and makes it hard for the reader to comprehend the structure. Manually restoring the appropriate indentation is doable but tedious, made more so because the characters we see here are in a variable width font.  The rationale might be that, given a variable width font the indentation is going to be inconsistent, but that isn't the case if the preformatted style is used, which I do, for code.

Is there any way to turn off the white space stripping?  Presumably this is some ridiculous xml-based processing feature.


I cannot copy and paste into this site using the Google Chromium brower (v 32). Has anyone had this problem and know of a work-around? What I'd really like to do is use Edit-with-Emacs (a chromium extension). It works for other sites.  I can open it from this site, but nothing I enter gets transferred. I'm guessing this is related to the inability to cut/paste.

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