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I changed a couple of lines so that you specify the file name when calling the procudure.


PlotPS := proc( plt
                , { ThisPlot:: string:= "APlot" }
                , { plotoutput :: string := cat("c:/MapleData/PlotTest/",ThisPlot,".eps") }



John Starrett

Thanks, Joe. Your example works great. I am going to give it a try on my graphs.

John Starrett

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. I tried running a worksheet with similar figures in Maple 13 Classic, and it output an eps file that *does* have these commands in it. Then with a little tweaking, I got the axes thicker. Now I need to go back to the paper figures and see if I can get them tweaked properly.

This may be a successful workaround this time, but my copy of Maple 15 does not have Maple classic with it, so this tweak is not going to be available as people continue to upgrade their software. Maple really does need to do something about this. A colleague of mine told me he has the same problems with his group at Sandia -- they won't use any eps exported Maple graphs he generates because they are unusable in research papers.

John Starrett

Thanks, Joe. I had tried that already, but none of  those lines are in the eps file, and adding them, with various different values, does not do anything.

Now I see you were talking about 2d plots. These are all 3d plots, so that is probably why I couldn't find these commands.

John Starrett

It was in eps format.

John Starrett

Apparently you can't post code within angle brackets. Before the range of t, there should have been leftanglebracket sin(t), cos(t), tan(t) rightanglebracket where leftanglebracket and rightanglebracket stand for actual angle brackets John Starrett
with(plots):with(VectorCalculus): SpaceCurve(,t=0..1,color=black); It acts the same way with any curve plotting. John Starrett
I have tried placing the last image in my previous post (generated in Paintshop Pro) in the Maple document, and it comes out fine. John Starrett

Thanks, Doug. It works fine now. I had thought that this extra Re on every square root (there are hundreds of these in the DE) would slow it down, but Maple 13 does the integration so much faster than 12, I am getting results in less than half the time.

The update to 13.01 did not fix the problem. Unfortunately, I am not good enough with Maple to see an easy way out of this problem. How can I assure that the procedure only sees the real part of the floating point numbers involved?

Thanks, Roman and Alec. I learned something useful!



I see what you mean, Robert. Thanks for the example. So... any idea why Maple 12 had no problem and Maple 13 does, and what to do about it? I have uploaded the file to my files section. It is called AutonomousHenon.



The equation is several pages of symbols, so I hesitate to post it. It has many square roots of square roots of sums of squared terms. Because all terms under the roots are squared and summed, there shouldn't be any complex numbers. I don't have the file here at home, so I will post it tomorrow.

I noticed that after the little upgrade recently, Maple now exports eps much more efficiently, with much smaller files. Kudos!

I am strongly in favor of having this facility. Currently I have to export to x3d, then convert using MeshLab. This is not such a big problem, but an exported line plot (no surface elements) will not import properly into MeshLab, so those cannot be converted. I hope there is a way to export thesse directly from Maple into u3d.



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