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In the thread An easy way to plot the region between two curves there are several pictures which are externally stored, i.e., they have not been uploaded to mapleprimes, but instead the sources of the images point to some outside site.

That should work, I think, but it does not, at least not where I am sitting. I see some Chinese looking art with (the external site at which they are stored, I assume) at the bottom of each picture.

I am still missing the implementation of the pre and code tags in the new editor. As the editor works now, having to switch back and forth between WYSIWYG view and source view, I feel it puts a higher workload on me than its predecessor did.

Also, I am missing a properly working maple tag: the browser seems to show only a fraction of the image intended. Because of this, for a couple of posts, now, I have left out informative Maple output. That can hardly be the way this site is supposed to work.

Searching for something completely different (it sounds almost like Monty Python), yesterday I stumbled over the conversion of trigonometric expressions to radicals, see ?convert,radical, and I became intrigued: would Maple be able to convert cos(2*Pi/17) to radicals? It was not.

Gauss was the first to show that the 17-gon could be constructed using compass and straightedge. The expression 16*cos(2*Pi/17) in terms of radicals can be found at the Wikipedia page Heptadecagon.

I would like to flag the file

Is there a way to flag files similar to the way that posts can be flagged?

Inspired by Jacques' blog entry Introduction to transseries, concerning a paper by Gerald A. Edgar, using Maple and published at arXiv, I here take the liberty to refer to a recent paper of mine which also uses Maple and is published at arXiv. The link is:

Linking electroweak and gravitational generators.

Most probably, this paper would not have existed without the possibility of performing lots of calculations in Maple, using for instance my own package COSVAM which deals with the octonions, the largest division algebra over the reals.

For instance, the pivotal Eq. (5) of the paper would probably not have been discovered by me using pen and paper. It was accidentally discovered while performing some Maple calculations with a different objective in mind.

Second note added: The issue below seems to have been resolved by clearing the cache of my Firefox browser, i.e., it seems to have been purely a local problem.

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