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Is there anybody, MapleSoft staff included, of course, that could give some help or advice on the issues raised in thread1 (which died unresolved) and thread2 (which I somewhat expect to share destiny with thread1)?
Note added: As correctly pointed out by Joe Riel in his post below, my function fromTree fails doing what it is supposed to do for expressions which contain lists and/or sets. For a version of fromTree which behaves properly (I believe) also for expressions containing lists and/or sets, see my post below. Consider the following two functions:
toTree   := x -> `if`(op(x) = x,x,[op(0,x),map(toTree,[op(x)])[]]):
Can evalc be persuaded to return for
+1/2*evalc(x + conjugate(x));
-I/2*evalc(x - conjugate(x));
the real and imaginary parts of x, respectively, i.e., Re(x) and Im(x). Further, can evalc be persuaded to let
return zeros identically? It does return zeros identically if either u or v (or both) is real-valued. But not if u and v are both assumed complex-valued. Why not?
Is it possible to have installed both Maple 9.5 and Maple 11 without interference? The reason I ask instead of just trying it out myself is that when I tried to uninstall Maple 11 some days ago (in connection with my roll-back to Maple 9.5) it got stuck. So instead of risking that again, probably with some unfortunate consequences for the integrity of the registration database, I thought I might just ask your guys first. Some of you might wonder why I want to have both installed. But I thought that I might continue using Maple 9.5 for my usual research, and then using Maple 11, possibly in conjunction with a text editor, for things which cannot be done using Maple 9.5.
As a direct result of the tab indentation nuisance reported in the three threads today I have rolled back my system from Maple 11 to Maple 9.5: I have spend quite some time today manually going through all the Maple documents which have been contaminated by loads and loads of XML codes which Maple 11 produces.
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