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Consider the following code:

LM := [
A := Matrix([[0,1],[1,0]]);
map(x -> A . x,LM);
A .~ LM;

where LM is a list of two matrices (just a test example), and A is some (test)matrix that I want to multiply onto each of these two matrices from the left, say. The map-construction works, as expected, but the elementwise operation .~ produces an error. Why?

Do others as well get the message "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable" when trying to access the thread Mapleprimes enquiry confusion?

This is not a new problem; it is a reoccuring nuisance. When doing a heavy calculation, pressing the 'Interrupt the current operation'-icon will sometimes not halt the execution; rather it continues happily, seemingly without ever stopping. The program does not seem to have stalled, because the executing-bullet at the lower left of the screen flashes back and forth. As the interrupt icon is no longer red, there is no idea in pressing that further. So in these cases, I usually have to resort to an ungraceful shut-down of Maple by way of the Windows job list (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Is there really no other way?

I am a little perplexed. I can no longer copy-paste equations as images from Maple to the editor here. Now, only text, either on a single line, or at several lines with parantheses made from / | \, which looks awful, is inserted. A couple of days ago there was no problem. Do others experience the same problem?

PS: On some of the copy-paste trials a couple of minutes ago my browser, Firefox, even crashed on two different occasions.


Update: Today, the 28th of November, I have sent the following mail to Mapleprimes:

Dear Mapleprimes,

I would very much appreciate if the problem with the copy-pasting of images into the Mapleprimes editor, as reported at, would be fixed as soon as possible.

Not being able to simply copy-paste equations as images, as was possible a week or two ago, is a real nuisance. A couple of minutes ago, for instance, I had to resort to the use of a screen-shot program to perform the task.

John Fredsted

Consider the following code snippet:


By itself it is, of course, pretty meaningless, but that is not the point. My problem is that after Maple has executed it, it will annoyingly continue using M> for each new execution group that is inserted. Having removed the frame with the command RemoveFrame, I would have expected that not to be the case. How can the frame be truly removed?

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