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@tomleslie: Thanks a lot for that nice recipe, which I have bookmarked to have it ready on future upgrades. Everything checks out: no zombie processes, the correct version number and Build ID, and two log-files, one of them having 2017_07_04 as part of its name, and the content of which contains the statement "Installation completed".

Concerning one of your "pet hates": I have actually never used the debugger, so I am quite unaware of the issue. In addition, my screen resolution is only a measily 1280 x 1024, although I live quite happily with it :-).

@acer: Thanks for your input. No, I did not see any pop-up window; nothing happened after download. And I don't think that any such pop-up window has been hiding behind my Maple window because then I would, I guess, have seen it when I shut down the latter, unless, of course, it was shut down simultaneously (which perhaps is a quite likely scenario, coming to think of it). Anyway, it would be quite odd, I think, to have a pop-up appear behind the window of the program that creates it.

My platform is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

@tomleslie: Thanks a lot for that comprehensive guide (I would surely have liked to give it a thumbs up, but as you have posted your comment as a reply, I cannot).

The downloaded file was indeed located in the Temp-folder. The installation then went without a hitch. But I was surprised to find that it went very quickly, lasting perhaps 20 seconds. Is that as it should be? The version stamp in Maple now correctly says 2017.1, so I guess everything is correct.

@ecterrab: Thanks for that info and for the guideline on how to best proceed if I insist on using psi__a, etc. I am not sure that I agree on the design decision, though.

@vv: Yes, that certainly appears to be the case, I agree. But from a notational point of view that seems to me quite counter-intuitive/unnatural in view of the fact that psi__1 and psi__a, say, are both typeset with a lowered index.

@ernilesh80: If you want to use diff, then you cannot use t1 without an explicit argument T, for diff(t1,T) vanishes identically. [Technically, you could use the PDEtools:-declare command to have t1(T) shown as t1, but then diff(t1(T),T) will be shown as t1 with a lowered index T (socalled jet-notation, I believe); doing so would not be an improvement, I guess.]

I am having trouble nudging ap6 into ap7, even after having simplified it using the above mentioned beta::real assumption.

Update: You can find various manuals, both introductory and advanced level ones, by either 1.) performing a Google search for 'maple manual pdf', say; or 2.) going to the Maplesoft Documentation Center (although, surprisingly, the 'Maple Introductory Programming Guide' seems not be found there).

PS: You do not have to call me sir; just call me by my first name :-).

@DSkoog & tomleslie: Thanks for your links. On occasion, I don't think it is going to be right away, I will install via the Maple download page, as you both suggest.

@tomleslie: I should have been able to figure out the download path by myself, I guess, but I was not readily so, perhaps having a momentary lapse of my faculties :-). Anyway, thanks for pointing to the location. The folder is empty, though. Concerning the browser setting (I am using Firefox), it is set to ask me where to save any downloaded file. I had no such question served. So whatever was being downloaded, seems to be be either gone or nonlocatable.

What "link given above"?


@tomleslie: Thanks for these pointers. There is indeed no second log-file. But I cannot locate any download simply because I do not know what the download directory was/is. In order to search for any downloaded file, what is the name of it?

I agree concerning 2D-input. I have never used it, because I don't like it either.

@nm: Thanks for that tip, but no, my version number is still 2017.0.

@Mac Dude: You have a point.

@kambiz1199: I also get that error if I just insert the suggested code at the bottom of your work sheet. The reason is that it conflicts with some of the assignments being made prior to its execution. Note for instance that after your last line, Phi := <Phi[1]|Phi[2]|Phi[3]>, the expression Phi[1], say, no longer means the original column vector Phi[1], but now the first row of the matrix Phi; to get at the original column, you would have to use Phi[..,1]. If you, however, insert the suggested code before your eq(1)-line, then no error appears.

@pchin: My apologies for this quite belated reply of mine, but I only discovered your comment yesterday, somewhat accidentally, thinking the thread was dead. As reported in another thread yesterday, after two typesetting issues was resolved, I see no reason why not to use the extended typesetting mode, and will thus do so.

@ecterrab: Just as you, I arrived back at this thread from the other thread of mine concerning the Dagger command. As you are probably aware, I have already installed the Physics update, see my post from yesterday, and verified that both issues have now been resolved. Thanks for your concern anyway.

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