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These are questions asked by Jorgenecochea

Good afternoon

i have problem when i am using components.

i want to solve a determinant equation and show in MathContainer4


thank you for your help



Good morning. I know what is the function that I report the rank of the controllability matrix for time-invariant systems.?

help me please

I have a problem.

I solved a problem, but i like to get one solution for one variable.

i send my project.

help me

Good morning.

 have a problem with maple that it can work and i need to know know how can i uninstall maple on ubuntu ( linux)

i can see that there isn't exist the folder uninstall.

help me please.


Good Afternoon.

I have a problem with that project, because the when i move the dial (DialKp1) the component Mathbase don´t update the lat change.

I don´t know how can i do for updating it?







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