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These are questions asked by Jorgenecochea

I have a problem.

I don´t know how can i do for working with a dynamic model equation was done in maple in Maplesim?

Help me please

I have a problem with radiobutton

i have 3 types of fricction, and each radio button has one type of it.

I have a problem when i select one type of friction don´t plot it

that is the code  RBFEstatica is a radiobutton of type static fricction

if GetProperty(RBFEstatica,value) = true then


p1 := 0;
p2 := 0.1;
deltav1 := piecewise((abs(x2q1(t)) > 0 and abs(x2q1(t)) < 0), p1, p2);

Good afternoon

I don´t know if a principal worksheet in maple can call other secundary worksheets.

Please help me. I don´t know the code, or function

Good morning.

I want to do a program in a worksheet that it can recall other workeet for plotting with display.

I don´t know how can recall other worksheets.

Please help me.

P.D.: I send a worksheet

Good afternoon

I have just installed Maple on Linux - Ubuntu, but i have problems.

Please help me. how can i do

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