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These are questions asked by Kanellopoulos

It is a naive question,but i can't find a way to make the axes of a plot bolder (I use Maple 12)..

Is there a way to do it??

thanx a lot!




I have this loop:

> for j from 1 to T do
if pointsd[2][j+1]<pointsd[2][j] then print(j-1) fi;od;


The print gives me (correctly) 2 numbers: 59 and 124

and i need to use these numbers further but i dont know how to call them..

It would be great if i could made an array with these two numbers,like

I need to program a Molecular Dynamics simulator for classical Mechanics and especially for granular matter..

Maple or MapleSim is most appropiate??Or i should do it with a pure programing language (i.e C++)?


Recently i encouter a problem in Maple 12 that i had not with Maple 10...

More specific:



with Maple 12 i get:

minimize(exp(1/x)+x^3,x = .5 .. 2)

while in Maple 10 i got the answer..

The g(x) has clearly a minimum in that range of x..

I was forced to take the first derivative and find the roots...

Please can anyone explain me why this happen??


My question is really naive but i need help...

Is there a way with Maple 12 to determine if your PDE is elliptic,parabolic or hyperbolic type?? And more important, which numeric method is best suited for each one??


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