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below you can find instructions how to install FourierTrigSeries module. It is written for Maple 10 but should work also for other versions. The module itself was tested on versions 8, 9, 10, 11. It wasn't tested on Maple 12 but I hope it should work.

 Suppose the Maple is installed in "c:\Program Files\Maple 10" and FourierTrigSeries module files are stored in "c:\Program Files\Maple 10\fouriertrigseries"  (the directory path can contain space blank characters).

1. Close all opened Maple sessions.

2. Create a plaintext file "maple.ini" in "c:\Program Files\Maple 10\Users"  with following content:

libname:=libname, "c:/Program Files/Maple 10/fouriertrigseries":

This tells Maple to search modules also in the directory where our new module is stored.
Use forward slashes instead of backslashes. I recommend to use double quotes to enclose the directory path.

3. Start Maple session and try to load the module with command " with(FourierTrigSeries); ". The module name is case sensitive, you have to use exactly this form. The module name used inside "with" command has no relation to the directory path where the files are stored.

In Maple you need to use "step by step" method (i think). Regarding automatic computation take a look at FourierTrigSeries package, math.muni.cz/~xsrot/fourierseries/

I thing that there is no such procedure but I just want to be sure. Maybe there is a procedure which returns Taylor expansion for "simple" functions (for educational purposes).

Actually, I wanted to use


as the example.

The problem was caused by wrong settings on the server.
In this forum topic you told me how to define my own type in a package and how to redefine the style my new type should be printed. But Now I found that this approach is correct when running on Maple10 but not on Maple8 (and maybe on other Maple versions). It works until I try to load the package from the file. How to do this in Maple8? Thank you. Karel Srot This is a piece of code I use: restart: currentdir(`e:/Devel/Maple/MyLibs/`); march('create', ".", 4); MyModule := module() local ModuleLoad; export PAIR; option package; ModuleLoad := proc() global `print/PAIR`; `print/PAIR` := proc(a,b) [a, b] end proc; TypeTools[AddType]('PAIR', x->evalb(op(0,x)=`PAIR`)); end proc: ModuleLoad(); end module: savelibname := ".": savelib('MyModule'); with(MyModule);
type(`PAIR`(1,2), PAIR);
restart; libname:=`e:/Devel/Maple/MyLibs/`, libname: with(MyModule);
type(`PAIR`(1,2), PAIR);
Error, type `MyModule:-PAIR` does not exist
I found the Mint program, it seems to be the right choice. Sorry for useless question.
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