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Hello, I would like to do some computations with Legendre polynomials. I would like to know, if Maple is able to do some simplifications and use orthogonality of Legendre polynomials. For example > Int(LegendreP(m,x)*LegendreP(n, x), x=-1..1); This integral should be zero or 2/(2*n+1), depending on the relation between m and n. Is there any chance to get it (maybe using the procedure assume() )? another example: > diff(LegendreP(n,x), x$n); This should be (2*n)! Thank you very much for your help. Karel Srot
Hello, can you help me with my problem? If I want to verify two objects like this > a:=exp(I*x)=0; > b:=cos(x)+I*sin(x)=0; I can use the command > verify(a, b, 'relation(testeq)'); But how can I verify equality of more complicated objects, for example > a:={exp(I*x)=0, x^2-x}; > b:={cos(x)+I*sin(x)=0, x*(x-1)}; The command > verify(a, b, 'set(testeq)'); is (of course) not enough. Is there a way how to do it? How to compare the objects recursively? Mayby the solution is to write my owv verification object, but I don't know how to do it. Is it possible to define a procedure and use it in such way?
Hello, I would like to use Maple for testing the syntax. In documentation is mentioned the -P parameter, which switch the maple into syntax checking mode, where none expressions are evaluated. I can imagine, that I will run maple with -P parameter to process a worksheet and after proceeding, I will search the errors in output. But I would like to have one Maple instance still running and to send/receive data continously. That means to sent through the one pipe to maple some expression and through other pipe receive answer from maple. Is it possible? Can you write here some solution using python or perl?
Hello, I have a problem with using JSP on MapleNet platform.

Suppose I have a HTML document with forms (the form calls itself for evaluation) and in that document an input text filed:

<input type="text" name="eq1">

At the beginning of the page I can assign a value in the text field to a maple variable:

<maple:assign param="eq1" variable="eqn1" default="sin(x)" />

but imagine that user fills the textfield with the text:


If I use something like this:


There will be 10 on the output. How can I get an unevaluated input ( sum(n,n=1..4))?
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