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These are questions asked by Lali_miani

i want to calculate the eigenvalues and  the spectral radius of this matrix can anyone help me 

B:=Matrix([[a, -b, e], [c, l, d], [-e, -k, m]]

how can i construct this reccursive serie without loops or command proc :

for any n greater or equal 0 :u(n+1)=sin(u(n)) with u(0)=1.5

the function rationalize simplify rational expression that contains complicated expression but in this example it doesn't work



it gives to me the same expression why ?


can anyone explain to me the  meaning of this result ?

1-Write a Maple ProcInserer procedure (x, pos, L) that inserts the element x into L at position pos.
 2- Write an inverse procedure (L) taking as argument a list L and returning the list obtained by inverting L in the decreasing direction of the indices.

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