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These are questions asked by Lali_miani

can anyone one help me to download maple 6 ?

i want to plot these four functions in the same graphe f(x)=1/1+x^2 on the intervalle [0,1] also the second function the line curve that connects the two points(0,f(0)) and (1/3,f(1/3)), the third function the line curve that connects the two points (1/3,f(1/3)) and (2/3,f(2/3)), the fourth function the line curve that connects the two points (2/3,f(2/3)) and (1,f(1))

can anyone help me ?

i want to solve this equation,

y''(x)=5*exp(-10/y'(x)) on ]0,15[ with y(0)=0,y(15)=2 

can any one help me ? thank you

I want  to find the parametrs that verify the below inequalities at the same time:



beta> (alpha+lamda+u+delta)

phi* (alpha+lamda+u+delta)>beta*(u+v+alpha),

question : find the values of u,v,delta,lamda,phi,beta,alpha such as all these parameters are in the intervall ]0,1]

can anyone help me ?


I want to get solutions of this system ,can anyone help me ?

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