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WC10.2 Limits



"[[(lim)(1/(x+1)-1)/x],[ ,"=",(lim)(-1/(x+1)), [factor]],[ ,"=",-((lim)1/(x+1)), [constantmultiple]],[ ,"=",-1/((lim)(x+1)), [power]],[ ,"=",-1/(((lim)x)+((lim)1)), [sum]],[ ,"=",-1/(((lim)x)+1), [constant]],[ ,"=",-1, [identity]]]"


Limit((1/(x+1)-1)/x, x = 0) = -1



Student:-Precalculus:-LimitPlot((1/(x+1)-1)/x, x = 0)





Download WC10.2_Limits.mw

An alternating series is a series whose terms are alternating positive and negative.  If the terms of an alternating series decrease to 0 in absolute value then the series converges.  In the following case the series diverges.

Thank you everyone for your help!  I modified acer's "table method" (makes terrific graphic, see below) and found what others provided very helpful as well.

>restart; r := [-3, -2.5, 0, 1, 3/2, Pi, sqrt(5)]: LLL := [["",r[]], ["whole no.",convert~(type~(r,nonnegint),string)[]],["integer",convert~(type~(r,integer),string)[]],["rational",convert~(type~(r,(numeric)),string)[]],["irrational",convert~(type~(r,And(complex, Not(rational),Not(numeric))),string)[]]]:oldsetting := interface(typesetting=extended):  DocumentTools:-Tabulate(LLL, width=450, widthmode=pixels, alignment=left,interior=all, exterior=all);


I use an Intuos model CTH-680 pen tablet, which I like.  Could not find a way to write directly in a Maple 2015 document or worksheet window.  To use content from Maple 2015 (e.g., a collection of equations and formulas produced in Maple) I have to File → Export As… → PDF (Portable Document Format).  Then, open the file with Photoshop Elements.  From there I use the Photoshop brush tool along with my pen tablet to write notes. 

To include the finished graphic in a Word document, I first save the PDF as a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file then use Insert → Quick Parts → Field → IncludePicture.  I do it this way to conserve as much graphic memory as possible in long Word documents.

It would  be nice if Maplesoft would include an option (on the Handwriting pallet) so users could write electronic notes (using a pen tablet) directly in Worksheet and Document Mode.


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