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Maple 2015

Using with(combinat) the permutation of {a,b,c} is determined.

>permute({a, b, c})
                  [[a, b, c], [a, c, b], [b, a, c], [b, c, a], [c, a, b], [c, b, a]]

The tree diagram of this permutation is


In Maple, using with(combinat) and with(GraphTheory), when I attempt to draw the permutation I get the following error:

>L := permute({a, b, c});
       L := [[a, b, c], [a, c, b], [b, a, c], [b, c, a], [c, a, b], [c, b, a]]
  Error, invalid input: GraphTheory:-DrawGraph expects its 1st argument, H, to be of type       {GRAPHLN, list(GRAPHLN), set(GRAPHLN)}, but received [[a, b, c], [a, c, b], [b, a, c], [b, c,      a], [c,   a, b], [c, b, a]]

On Maple, again using with(combinat) and with(GraphTheory) the command permute(3) is used.  The results are manually configured as node-connection lines.  A fair representation of the tree diagram is configured by Maple, although the diagram has numeric instead of alpha configurations, and the a,b,c structure shown above is not easily recognized.

Any suggestions on developing a procedure that will graph (draw) an alpha-labeled permutation welcomed.  Thanks!  WC44_Permutation_Graph.mw

Is there a way to determine the coordinates of all the vertices of a cuboid using geom3d?

See WC06_Vertices_of_a_Cuboid.mwWC06_Vertices_of_a_Cuboid.mw attached.

The graphic of the cuboid is created with

A:=(cuboid([1,1,2],[3,4,5]), orientation [27,78],lightmodel = light4, shading = none, transparency =.85,scaling = constrained, axesfont = [bold, roman, 18], axes = normal):

And the vertices are self-evident, for example 

B:= pointplot3d({[3,1,5]}, symbol = solidsphere, symbolsize = 18, color = red):

One geom3d ....

geom3d[point](P,1,1,2): geom3d[point(Q,3,4,5): geom3d[distance](P,Q); 

gives the lengths of the diagonal of the box.  Is there a way to get geom3d to list the coordinates of the 8 vertices of a cubeoid?

How do I move a circle around a sphere?

See attached:  WA61_circle_sphere_post.mw

Circle shares surface area of sphere, how can circle be moved independently around sphere?

I would like to retain the patchwork of the sphere to resemble latitude/longitude lines.

Thanks in advance


If I have 4 latitude and longitude coordinates in degree.  How can I convert all of them to radian and assign each to a specific variable inside a procedure?


> DBP(36.9,102.04,37.345,101.6104)
Error, invalid loop statement termination

attached: WA57dev.mw

The following image shows a .mw file on two monitors (1 = right side) (2 = left side).  

Distortion occurs when I try to drag-and-drop an open file from monitor 1 to monitor 2.  Transfer from one monitor to another works fine on all other applications (.pdf, .docx, web stuff, graphic files like .png, and .xlsx.  Only .mw files distort when I try to open them or move them to monitor 2.  I was able to move, open, etc. any .mw file for over a year, then a couple of days ago the files started to distort.  I had a 32-bit version of Maple (Maple 2015.2 build ID 1097895—deleted it.  Also deleted and reinstalled Maple 2015.0, build 1022128.  I checked and updated my video card, updated the 2-monitor settings on Windows 7.  All this to no avail, the Maple 2015.0 program works on monitor 1, but it can not be opened or dragged-and-dropped to monitor 2.

Help, advice, suggestions welcomed—many thanks in advance.



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