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For people new to Maple, an easy way to learn how to code may be Tutor Syntax, that is the technique of generating code by selecting everything in a Tutor dialog Maple Command window and then copying it to a current session.

The code can then be edited to tailor it to user’s needs. A problem with this technique is the copied syntax contains many single quotes (‘ ‘). The single quotes, which are usually not needed if the program in current session is short and specific, increase the difficulty when editing copied syntax. The attached file (mby2.mw) shows a method which removes the single quotes by using the SubstitueAll command in the StringTools package. One drawback: any strings inside the original syntax (e.g., “#78000E”) must be removed before the syntax can be converted to a string.

Is there a better way to generate code from Tutor dialog so it can be edited (without single quotes) in user’s current session?


With the RationalFunctionTutor generated then modified code (see egn2.mw attached).  Is it possible to make linestyle=spacedash for the two vertical asymtotes?  By selecting the graph and choosing from the plot menu the linestyle can be changed, but is there a way to do this with commands in the program code? 



Is there a way to plot critical values of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient r?  See attached worksheet.  Thanks!

Les    ect4_critical_value_of_r.mw

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