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The answer should be around 15.7, i.e., function h is maximized at around x=15.7, I don't know why my computer/maple is having a hard time with it.

f := proc (a, b, k) options operator, arrow; (sum(exp(-x)*x^m/(m!), m = a .. b))^k end proc;

h := f(0,0,82)*f(1,3,49)*f(4,6,47)*f(7,10,47)*f(11,15,57)*f(16,20,40)*f(21,25,38)*f(26,35,52)*(1-f(0,35,1))^91;



thanks in advance!

is there a simple maple package template that i can look at?

I wrote a module with about 30 procs, i want to make it into a package but I don't really know where to start.


all i need is an existing package that i can simply


  • rename the title
  • swap the code with my own code
  • swap the example with my own example

i want maple to return only positive real roots of a cubic polynomial.

polynomial: x^3+15*x^2-25*x-29

maple command and output:

(op(select(t -> evalf(t) > 0, map(Re+Im*I, simplify(evalc([solve(x^3+15*x^2-25*x-29,x)]))))));

My code contains a long "module" so i can't really "split execution group".

but it seems that the exported LaTex file is determined to fit "one segament of code" on one page when I compile...

I wrote a module that has quite a few commands in it. I want to make a help file for it so that when you type something like ?mypackage, something like this will pop up! thanks in advance!


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