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if maple cannot factor something, does it mean it cannot be factored for sure?

i have a really really long univariate polynomial with coefficients that are also variables (a[0],a[1] etc), is there any tips on how to factor this monster?

thanks in advance!

when i use u and t in the lower bound of summation, everything works fine, as you can see, proc(2,10) gives me a number.



now, if i change u to T[3] and t to T[2], suddenly we have a problem! What gives?

I need Maple to evaluate something quite complicated with Groebner:-UnivariatePolynomial

When do I know that maple is at a point where it should be terminated instead of being left to run?


Is the output's length proportional to the amount of time used to calculate it?

Is there a way to convert maple codes into Singular codes?

If not, Are there any Singular expert here?

Could someone please give me a screen shot and/or a copy-and-paste of the Singular codes that would do the following simple task done in maple:

Let me explain a bit:

The input is F, which is a set of 2 polynomials.

I am trying to calculate something but my computer(dual-core with 4GB memory) is too slow/old for it.

just copy and paste these into a new blank Worksheet Mode document and Edit->Execute->Worksheet and then post your result here. Thanks in advance!!!

G := [a[1]*(y[0]^2)-y[1]^2*a[1]-a[1]*(y[3]^2)+2*a[2]*y[0]*y[3]-2*a[3]*y[0]*y[2]-a[1]*(y[2]^2)+b[1]*y[0]+3*y[1]*(y[0]^2)+y[1]*b[0]-y[1]^3-y[1]*(y[2]^2)-y[1]*(y[3]^2)+c[1]+b[2]*y[3]-b[3]*y[2], -2*a[1...

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