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These are questions asked by LijiH

Maple 14:

1, i can't "tab" anymore.

my tab key is turned on(otherwise when i press tab, the curser goes to the next "section"), when i press tab, the curser simply moves over a tab but the words don't! and sometimes when i press tab, nothing happens, and often times, things start to get really buggy and weird.

2, i have to "enter" my module twice before it will is what happens:...

I am trying to write a quaternion package, I also want it to be able to multiply quaternion polynomials where the unknown "x" remains on the right of the coefficient. the I,J,K rules are standard quaternion rules.

define(M, 'flat', 'multilinear', 'identity' = 1,
M(I,I)=-1, M(J,J)=-1, M(K,K)=-1, M(I,J)=K, M(J,I)=-K, M(J,K)=I, M(K,J)=-I, M(I,K)=-J, M(K,I)=J,

I wrote a quaternion package, defined my own `*` and etc.

now I multiply two matrices using MatrixMatrixMultiply.

and I obtain something like this, notice it's not simplified, with terms like (2+K)(4+I):

however, if i simply highlight what's shown above(the output) and copy and paste it and then press enter, i get a simplified version (it still doesn't simplify `^` but that can wait)

i want '*' to keep doing exactly what it already does. for example, x*x*x*x is still x^4.

but furthermore, i want to be able to somehow redefine(define in addition) '*' as follows:


redefine('*', a*b=1,b*a=-1);

basically, for protected letters a and b, maple...


I have a package, a zip file, written by someone, it consists three files, as seen below



what this package, let's call it helloworld, offers is the following:

all i need to do is extract those three files shown (hdb, ind, lib) into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 12\lib

then once i type with(helloworld):

1, it modifies the...

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