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How should I draw a 2D graph for which one parameter in x axis and 3 parameters in y axis change with respect to x axis parameter in same graph. To be exact in my problem for changing β value (in x axis) what will be the optimum value for p, q and e. I had obtained the optimum p (named as ptemp in file), optimum q (named as qtemp in file), optimum e (named as etemp in file) for different values of β. But I don’t know how to plot it? Whether to give plot command inside the loop or not? Please help me. I am attaching the file with code and a sample graph. ( Find the problem in Numerical analysis - below in file)                              

What is the procedure to add global optima package in maple?

Maple code for finding optimum maximum value of function TOTP given below when D is kept in the range of 300 to 2000?Also give maple code to find 3Dplot to determine the convexity of function TOTP with respect to y and Sr?

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