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Hi sir, I hope everyone are good in Covid situation.

I wish to obtain the dual branch solution as given in the Article.

Please help me to obtain the dual branch solution in Maple.

The article is here. akbar2014_(1).pdf

Thank you..

How to draw a streamlines by using stream function provided in pdf. In the presence and absence of lambda parameter.

please help me to obtain graphs



In the present problem 

I am trying to obtain the numerical solution and graphs for the f' theta1 and theta2 curves vs eta profile

please anyone help me to obtain the solution

i have attached my worksheet below

Thank you for your precious time.



a^(5/2)*s^2*(D(f))(eta)^2*sqrt(nu)/(R*sqrt(a)*sqrt(nu)+eta*nu) = a^(5/2)*s^2*(D(P(s, eta*sqrt(nu)/sqrt(a))))(eta)/sqrt(nu)


Is it possible to rearrange the above equation for D(P)(eta)

When i trying to solve the BVP the following error will found 

Error, (in fproc) unable to store 'HFloat(1.0141653815612295)+HFloat(0.0020355870386861838)*I' when datatype=float[8]

I have attached my worksheet.

Please anyone help me to get solution to this problem.

Thank you so much



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