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dear @MAXR 

Please find the file i have corrected it


Thank you so much dear @Carl Love 

I wish to smooth and fill the above contour with different colors and also show the color map on the right-hand side.

For example:

Dear @tomleslie Thank you so much. It helps me alot

Thank you so much @dharr 

It helps me to do future works. 

dear @dharr 

I am looking for how to solve that type of problems using shooting scheme and how to obtain a dual branch solution.

Looking forward for that.

@tomleslie dear sir,

i have attached the complete problem for your reference.

Please go through it.

Thank you.


@Carl Love respected sir 

C,N,T,w are the similarity variables used in the problem 

I provided converted equations 

a and v_f are constants

In the presence means take for ex: lambda=0.5

In absence means lambda=0

Streamfunction plot is drawn eta vs x

Psi(x,y)/f(eta)=x taking sqrt(a/v_f) as constant=1.

 We have to draw a graph like this for example


dear sir,

i have rewrite the code according to your suggestion and made slight modifications 

please go through the worksheet below


Thank you, sir, for your valuable feedback.

I have gone through your modified worksheet attached. I agree with your modifications. 

seeking for further suggestions in obtaining solution.



@Kitonum  Thank you sir for your valuable feedback, it helps me a lot....

@tomleslie Thank you so much sir

I want only real values for the above problem 

So What are the further step to do solve this problem sir.

Is it possible to obtain real values 


@Carl Love Thank you sir for your suggestion

But i am not getting how to implement it

@J4James Thank you, sir 

I inserted Missing parameter 


It showing iteration is not converging

@Carl Love thank you sir for your response 

I try to solve this using maple 


@mmcdara This work is done in fluid mechanics 

These types of equations are solved with the help of Matlab, But compared to Matlab, maple is very easy and friendly to do calculations.

Here again datatype problem occurred

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