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Hey everybody,

as this thread is now part of the FGA's, this is how I have built my matrix from vectors w[j] where j=1..n:

W := convert([seq(w[j], j = 1 .. n)], Matrix).

Hope it comes in handy to those looking for similar solutions to their programming problems.



Ooops, I just flagged Pauline's post by mistake - I wanted to give it a thumbs up instead... Please disregard my flag. It wouldn't be bad to have an option of a thumbs up for a post that we find helpful though.

Hello Paulina,

thanks a lot for your reply - indeed, the long form of the command did make my code work again correctly!



Strangely enough, the same sequence of commands works outside my procedure, p1 and p2 being set as global variables and the command with(plots) inside the procedure (so it the worksheet did execute it and the plotting commands are correct - only the display command doesn't seem to work as part of the procedure).

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