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Is there a build-in package for Maple where I can do binomial test ? single tail and two tailed? If n and p are known?

I am trying to get Maple 2021 to printout the intervals on which a differentiable function increases/decrease in a Maple document as part of a procedure. 

The function: 

A := x^2 + 400/x

the attempt. 

solve(evalf(diff(A, x) < 0))

which gives the result: RealRange(-infinity, Open(0.)), RealRange(Open(0.), Open(5.848035476))
There is no extreme point at x = 0 for A? So how do I get Maple to do an output which makes sense?  

Hi I have experienced another Maple 2021 error with those of my students who Maple 2021 Mac edition. 

Lets say their have saved a .mw on their main drive and tries to open the file from inside Maple. Maple gives an error like "file cannot be opened - please try to another". This also happens when trying to open the file from outside Maple. 

This never happens on the Windows version. So any idea what could be causing this ?

lets say we have one or two lines 

y=2x-4 and y = -2x+4 is it possible to get Maple to illustrate the angle between these two lines in a plot? Or the angle of inclination in respect to the x-axes for them individually? 

Dear Sirs, 
I was with my students today, and attempting to do a Math Maple exercise. The assignment contained the requirement to plot three graphs in one plot f,g,h. Those with windows pc and maple were able use the proper command. 

plot({f(x),g(x),h(x)}) or plot([f(x),g(x),h(x)])  however some of those with MacOS would inside Maple 2021 get an error which said "GNU compiler not found", when using the same command. For those there was no other way (that I knew off) than to do a 




and then plots:-display([f(x),g(x),h(x)]):  which work.

But why the MacOS error ? Any idea?

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