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The  Parts in  IntegrationTools  is extremely primitive !


It can only  handle   only once     int(f(x)g(x),x=a..b) , failed the second time,  when it encouter  so called

"multiple  integration",    repeat   N times  integration by parts is important tools to obtain  asymptotic expansion of  integrals,  the primitive nature of Parts, explained why   asympt  failed to handle many classical  integrals.


1)q analogues of  hypergeomeitric  funciions such as q-Racah, Dual q-Hahn, Continuous q-Hahn,Big q-Jacobi, Dual q-Hahn,Big q-Laguerre,q-Meixner,Dual q-Krawtchouk,Little q-Jacobi,Continuous q-Laguerre.....etc is  far behind.


2)The  asympt  cannot handle many  finite integrals, ApproximateInt is  good, but still quite limited


3)Lame  functions  missing  entirely


4)TWSsolution  failed


to solve Thomas-Fermi equation

 { U[x,x]=(U[])^(3/2)/sqrt(x) };

failed to solve  Generalized Benjamin-oho equation sys := { U[t]+(U[])^k*U[x]-diff(-sqrt(U[x]),x)=0 };

failed to solve  Fokker-Planck equation  sys := { U[t]= -diff(y*U[],x)+diff((A1+A2)*U[],x)+0.5*diff((A3+A4)*U[],y )}

and many more.

s:=convert( (a+b)^n,Sum,include = powers, dummy = x);
  is  what I am looking for, a  format with   explicit  binomials  instead of actual numbers.



Preben, thank you for this  Intat tips  and the "value" command, it solves my problem.

TWSolutions still cannot solve  many non linear partial differential equations.  Please incorporated  extended tanh method,  extended  exp method,  G'/G  method ,Darbourx transform  etc.

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